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poqet is modernizing the ubiquitous vending machine by making them smarter and more convenient. Our mobile app will gives consumers all the conveniences of shopping online combined with retail fulfillment - no paying for and waiting for shipments. Just shop, checkout, and pickup at a convenient poqet location. The mobile app will also support subscriptions, spending allowances and dietary restrictions and other preferences.

About Us

Poqet was founded at the beginning of 2016 in Southern California with the purpose of modernizing the automated vending machine experience through technological innovation. We operate a network of current model machines using established technology to enable credit-debit cards and mobile payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Soon we will be upgrading these machines with our advanced proprietary technology to enable a host of new features and conveniences for our customers with smartphones.

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Consumer Support and Services

Please email us or tweet @Poqet to contact us about any product suggestions or issues with your purchasing experience.


Please email, text, call your account manager about any issues with our equipment at your location, product selections or service requests.


Please contact us by email or phone.


Please contact us by email or phone.

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